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Q1. How do you choose tablecloths for restaurants?

The choice of tablecloths for restaurants, hotels, bistros, various types of banqueting, and more generally tablecloths, is so large that it’s necessary to take right time to evaluate different options and relative costs.

Q2. What's my restaurant style?

Rustic? Elegant? Exotic? Cheap?
From the style of the room first of all, the importance of the equipment and the type of fabric (or nonwoven!) To be used.

Linen will be suitable only for very formal premises, while paper napkins may be fine for a pizzeria – and even there they could be replaced with a slightly more elegant material, although still very cheap, such as some non-woven qualities fabric.

In terms of the importance of the equipment, a restaurant characterized by classic elegance will want a suitable equipment that includes all types of tablecloths: the tablecloth itself, the cover, the napkins …

A room that is also very refined but that focuses on a minimal style, such as a bistro, could instead opt for Runners resting directly on the table.

The style of the room also includes that of the tables and more generally of the furnishings. The more beautiful and particular the tables are, the more I will put them on display, while if they are more common I will tend to cover them less both as floors and, at least, as legs.

Q3. What are main colors?

The basic rule of color matching is that each color gets along with the neighboring elements by playing between uniformity and contrast.

It starts from the color of the walls, the fixtures, the ornaments if they are sufficiently showy. Then you can decide the color tone to choose for the tablecloths of your restaurant / hotel etc ..

Decide if you want to reinforce the color effect already present in your restaurant, or if you want to create a detachment effect, using the complementary color: you will have a lively and cheerful effect without looking out of place.

This principle applies to the combination of tablecloths, for example: (to choose the color of the cover and napkins based on the color of the main tablecloth).

Q4. I want to use tablecloths to reinforce my brand?

Example: Tablecloths with the logo of the restaurant or recurring motifs of the Brand are not a useless habit, but a great way to personalize the place and remain etched in the memory of its customers.

It is not a useless cost! Indeed it is part of the development plan of your Brand.

Q5. How do you handle tablecloths and how much does it cost?

Tablecloth cost depends on many factors (measurements, colors, finishes, etc ..) combined with the method of supply.

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